John Gham

John grew up listening to bands like Pink Floyd,Depeche Mode,New Order and Europe ,he follow his heart and his love for the music.

Starting as a musician by several bands Rock,pop,jazz,heavy metal,punk ,Grunge ..hard core ,hip hop …singing,playing guitars, bassguitar , percusion , keyboards…

He started his career as Producer in 1999 after some years as Dj. To gain his musical and personal horizon he moved to Europe in 2005. His working for labels like “Kung Fu Dub Recordings” the label from the famous Dj /Producer Jeff Bennett with artists like Terry lee Brown Junior,Daniela Stickroth,Ludovic Vendi, Da fresh,Rui Da Silva…. with his releases ” The Magician ” “Introducing” that incl. the great track called “Animal ” Also with Peon Music with the Ep”Whiplash ” 12″ and also publishing in other labels like Kung Fu Dub Recordings FLASH Recordings,Budenzauber,Momentum League,Diametral Records,Wasabi Recordings ,Hi Fi Stories,Das Ohr Digital, Peon Music ,KULT Records.

This year Signed for Diametral Records with a great track called ( Lion Tamer ) 12″ incl.Remix by Toni Rios (Cocoon) that was top 100 “13 place” Techno at and support by the great megazine Also signed for ” Flash Recordings ” the label from the prestigious Florian Meindl , a elegant track called Cortinas Rojas that is Out Now ! and played by Big Djs as Hernan Cattaneo. He is international having performed and rocked Clubs in Argentina(Buenos Aires!), Germany(Berlin!), England (London!), France (Paris!) and Spain (Ibiza!) with his hot beats and his outstanding live performances,hi played at clubs like Weekend Club_Berlin ,Suicide Circus_Berlin,Morlox _Berlin, U60311_Frankfurt,– GoldenGate Berlin,Elektroküche Köln, Privilege Koln and many more ,he is a skilled musician founded on a comprehensive education and this is reflecting in his productions, arrangements & sets.

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