Martin Books

Martin Books began his career in the electronic music business in a very classical way.

He grew up in a musical family – his father was drummer in a band and his mother a passionate piano player – he was heavily influenced by Synth-Pop in the early 90s and ended up in electronic music at the peak time of Rave in the mid-90s. After a few years of solo-DJing, he met the musician Danjell in 2003 and they were kind of soul mates right from the start. Just a short time later they toured together as “Telemen” at several festivals, such as the Melt!, SonneMondSterne or Rave on Snow.

In 2008 the Berlin-based DJ and producer thought that the time had come to devote himself again to his solo career, thus he produced a few tracks and remixes for the label Supdub. However, the collaboration with other musicians has always been very important for Martin for letting the ideas influence itself. Said and done. And so he hooked up directly with Alfred Heinrichs (from Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller) in the studio. In addition to various EPs they then released the joint album “Hey Mate” on Supdub, supported by an extensive album-tour. Six months later the solo album “Moi Baby” was released. Martin is just not getting tired…

“I love making music and it really motivates me when I see that my music touches the people”, says Martin. He never stops and thus it is not surprising that he is already working on new and interesting projects.

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