Chris Drifter

Chris Drifter comes from Budapest, Hungary. Always interested in Electronic dance music. Solidified as a Progressive and Tech house DJ back in 1999.

Also ventured into Deep-house and minimal. Throughout the years Chris has learned to work the crowd allowing them to experience his passion and emotions, connecting their senses and evolving the party to a level of blissful experience for one and all in attendance. Concerning to Production we can standout prestigious labels such as Baroque Records, Hotfingers, Plastic Fantastic, SoundTribe Rekords and Dbeatzion Records among others. In the beginning of 2007 Chris began working for SoundTribe Rekords as the A&R Manager, putting him in charge of managing the whole music side of the label.

In 2008 Chris Drifter’s Blue Room Ep was released at the legendary record label, called Plastic Fantastic. In this year his first mix album, the „Moments of Soundtribe VOL.1.” came out. In 2009 he won a remix competition, which was maden by Navigation Records. After successing and hard work, Chris was nominated the „BEST UPCOMING DJ” category last year in the biggest electronic dance magazin Soundhead competition. He has played many times on abroad in Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, Sweden, Poland. From 2011 he is the resident dj of the biggest hungarian radio station, Justmusic.FM, leading Strictly!

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