Giona Guidi

Giona Guidi (aka 50Hz), 40 y.o., italian dj producer and label manager. Born in Rome but living in Tuscany since he was 19 in order to graduate in law.

Besides having been an international model for the most famous fashion houses, he started spinning vinyls in 1988 for several clubs located in northern Italy.

He has been hosting a music chart for 2 years on Radio Alfa a small radio station covering Torino, Milano and Genova. Eclectic, creative, engaging, with a very personal and emotional style, he doesn’t love to be labelled in a single genre. That’s the reason why he constantly contaminates music mashing up commercial tunes with more dressy electro and progressive sounds, thanks to his expert use of technology which allows him to create and re-edit music.

He’s endorsee for Pioneer Pro Dj and as of 2007 he is a free lance journalist and editor in chief at DJ-MAG.IT and WEBDEEJAY.IT, two leading websites focused on djing and music production. From 2008 to 2010 he has been one of the official Fashion TV djs in Italy. Spring 2010 marks his return to radio broadcasting on the most famous radio station in Italy, Radio Deejay, but he also increases music production remixing MIchael Procter’s single “Never” and creating a new discographic project called “50Hz”. Summer 2011 is a turning point in his career when he participates to BEAT DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL (40.000 persons) in the same line up with Thomas Gold, Hardwell, Alex Gaudino and AN21 increasing international gigs, especially in eastern Europe.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 has been the ultimate recognition as a top dj and producer in the international scene when he presented his official remix of Hope, a big tune by The Maneken, supported by the most important djs on the planet reaching n°6 in Radio Ibiza house chart (2 weeks). As of summer 2012 he starts an amazing collaboration with Giorgio Armani becoming the official dj for Emporio Armani’s events all over Italy and very soon in South America, especially Brazil. International gigs are now his main focus, thanks to his partnership with DJ BOUTIQUE, leading booking agency based in Kiev and managed together with his great friend and partner Kaya Kushnarova (aka CandyPop).

He now has a consolidated international experience having played in Miami, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kiev, Yalta, Odessa, Athens, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Belem, Campos do Jordao, Jacarei, Paris, London, Zurich, Bucarest, Dubai and most of all Ibiza.The new year 2013 opened with his signing with Universal Music Group Asia which is one of the major recording labels in the planet.

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