Missy Jay

Missy Jay is a new rising international DJ. She has travelled all around the globe and has displayed her immense passion for music in the largest and most popular clubs in the world.

During the last year, the globe trotter Missy Jay performed in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. This demonstrates both her international popularity, and her skill with adapting her live performance skills to a very diverse crowd. This exceptional talent explains why Missy Jay is rated as one of the 10 best female house dj’s worldwide by web pool Djette.com

She is pretty well known throughout the underground music scene. She enjoys stimulating the crowd on the dancefloor magnitizing emotions through music. She is considered an eclettic phenomena, that reflects her love for any musical genre from punk rock to electronic wave.
People are fascinated for the energy she transmits through music and for her beauty, just to understand why legions of fans adore her!

You can walk into a club and not know who the DJ is and you hear the music and know its Missy Jay. She has the newest and best music under her belt. Mixes are flawless. Music fits the venue.

Her choice of records on her gigs show her taste for quality and her exceptional mix-technique is a combination of inborn talent and perseverance. Her sound is best to describe as “uplifting electro-funky-deep house” although the words minimal, tech and tribal can all be found in her musical vocabulary.

She received her Audio Engineering degree in 2006 at the School of New Audio Music Media (NAM) in Milan and studied further on the more specialized course in Electronic Music Production, as well she is studying Harmony and Piano at the moment to be able to produce her own music.

At the end of 2007 Missy Jay won the Matrix Female Dj Contest, a nationwide competition among Italian female djs..

Missy joined record label Starlight Music (Motivo) ending 2007 and released her debut track, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, produced, arranged and singed by her. This track in the Tech-House RMX, has been supported by Deep Dish, in particular by Dubfire who played it in
Amnesia Ibiza for the Cocoon Party. The same release has been n9 in Ministry of Sound sales charts. Missy Jay is also currently working as a vocalist on many different productions. At beginning of 2009 Missy Jay released her first vinyl E.P. in cooperation with other artists of Starlight / Motivo label. dj’s.

Based in Ibiza at the moment, is considered a rising star on the underground music scene, incrementing bookings for glam events all over the globe..

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